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Khru Kirk Bovell

Martial Arts Background

Kirk Bovell, i'm 33 years of age of which 14 of those years I spent practicing Thai Boxing. After the first couple of months, I knew I wanted to compete in the sport. Muay Thai was the perfect art form for my personality. Although it had a structured way of teaching, it also allowed you to be creative in how you put what you learn into practice, along with the fact that its a striking art, it provides you with a great self defense and cardio workout.

I've been competing for about 12 years both locally as well as internationally. It has allowed me to travel and meet some really interesting people along the way. There is so much history to the art of Thai Boxing and it is evident in the level of respect each fighter shows. I love training Muay Thai! Whenever I wrap my hands and put my ankle guards on, I feel like I'm a part of the rich history of the art. My intention is to past on what I have learnt both in and out of the ring to those who are interested.

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